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Looking for a small SUV but don’t actually need one? Be different and get yourself the new limited edition Yeti Urban from Skoda. This one is only front wheel drive, because Skoda are clever and they know that most SUV buyers don’t actually need four wheel drive. All they do need is something that looks cool, with slightly more usable space than say a small family hatch, and somewhere to keep the kids safe.

Right now we’ll go through exactly why the Yeti Urban is good. 1) It looks the business 2) It’s cool.

They’re the basics. Sure enough it’s sensible, well built, has a nice interior and it has a useful glass roof etc. But that all goes without saying..

Just look at this thing, it’s a good 17 million times better than other cars in this segment. Admittedly the standard Yeti is a bit bland, but this Urban is pure awesome. Out test car with the black on black set up was a real head turner, not many crossovers turn heads. This instantly makes it cool, pretty simple.

The test car was fitted with a 2.0 TDI 105hp diesel unit, absolutely perfect for this type of car. Think 5l/100km and lots of mid-range torque. Transporting the kids to school has never been so cool. ( We don’t have kids but we can imagine so). No chance would they want to get out of the thing come 9am..

It’s road going manners are similar to that of the previous generation Fabia RS, and that’s naturally a very good thing. At no point do you feel like your driving an SUV. Body roll isn’t even worth mentioning because it’s so slight.

Now for the downsides? There are none. Never did we think we’d find it difficult to slate a small SUV. So what about the least good upside then? Well that would be that it’s Tax Band B, not that that makes much of a difference when buying.





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